Prostate Massage In London

This is an erotic therapy that is growing in popularity and it's not hard to see why.

Prostate massage can produce an extremely intense orgasm.

It is important to make sure this massage is done by someone who knows what they are doing, to avoid pain or tearing.

Luckily for you we have the masseuses who are specialists in this erotic therapy. 

Along with a great orgasm, you will also feel extremely relaxed afterwards. Your body will feel lighter, your tensions and stress will disappear.

This treatment can be added as an extra to any of the other therapies we do including tantric and nuru massage.

What to expect in your prostate massage session...

The sensual masseuse will first lubricate the anal passage, using a sexual lubricant gel or sensual massage oils.

She will gently massage around the anus area until the area becomes relaxed and receptive.

The masseuse will then introduce her finger into your anus. Delicately she will softly massage the prostate, which is just inside the anus.

You will gradually start to feel rushes of erotic sensations pulsing all over your groin and anal area.

This feeling will get more intense until it is impossible to hold back, you will then have a really intensified and strong orgasm.

 Want me to pleasure your prostate and anal area?

Want me to pleasure your prostate and anal area?


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You may be wondering where the prostate gland is, right?

It's a small glad which is found at the root the penis, and is where the male semen is stored.

When this area is massaged it can cause ejaculation, and will help remove the old stale sperm.

Prostate massage is very good for the body as it encourages new sperm production and fresh supply of blood to the pelvic region.

This added blood will boost the amount of nutrients and oxygen, which promotes the overall functioning of the cells in the prostate and pelvic area.