Best body to body massage services in London 2024

An erotic body to body massage is an amazing thing to experience

This relaxing therapy should not just be seen as a rare luxury treat but should be a standard part of your health regime. Experience the best erotic body to body massage London has available. These therapists will stimulate all your senses.

What to expect from a body 2 body massage in London

The room will be seductively lit. Candles will flicker in the background and relaxing music will fill the air. You will be asked to remove all your clothing and to lay face down on the bed. The sexy masseuse will then take her clothes off too.

She will rub sensual oils all over her body, and rub your body with hers to ensure that you too are oiled up. Once you are covered in oil, she will massage you with her hands. She will massage your muscles to get rid of any excess built up tension.

The therapist will caress you with her nude toned body. Her breasts and thighs will press firmly against you. Some of our ladies like to start with the feet and work their way up, while others like to begin massaging your body with their breasts.

Skin on Skin Friction

Half way through the session you will be turned over so that you are facing the beautiful masseuse. This will be a visual delight as you can see her smoothly slide upon your body.

She will firmly grind her body into yours, and slide her oiled up skin along the length of your body. She will use long sliding movements, deep grinding techniques and circular sensual movements for the full sexual affect.

You may watch her cute bum rub over your groin or her oiled breasts press against your penis. Before too long you will be asking yourself why you have not gone for a body to body massage London style before.

As your b2b masseuse teases you before skilfully guiding you towards a fantastic climax, you will feel waves of sexual energy rush over your body. Before too long you will have a earth shuddering orgasm. 

The sensuous encounter will leave you feeling both fully relaxed and in a blissful mood.

3 Sexy Reasons why you should have a London body to body massage

Visually it will be a party time for your eyeballs as you watch the naked masseuse suggestively moving up and down your body.

The intoxicating smell of the massage oils and the feel of her breath on the back of your neck will certainly give you our trademark tingles and goose bumps.

The feel of another’s naked body on yours will leave you feeling very pampered, which every so often is fine. Come find out what all the fuss is about, go for a b2b session today.