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I offer experiences for men and women like you desiring to expanding your capacity for full-bodied bliss and re-wire any problem areas in your intimacy life. 

I have been a trusted sacred sexuality facilitator & tantric bodyworker for the last 5 years and provide an authentic tantric experiences for my clients around the world. 

This work seamlessly weaves erotic and spiritual, and calls for a remembrance of our wild, devotional essence. 

Men, do you want to:

  • raise your sexual self-esteem & confidence in the bedroom
  • release insecurity around your manhood & sexuality
  • experience full body orgasmic states
  • come deeper into your presence & authentic power
  • overcome premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and other related issues
  • connect deeply & authentically in the bedroom 
  • become a masterful lover of women
  • come into your body, not just live life from your head

Women, do you want to:

  • heal your relationship with your body, yoni, womb?
  • move from pain to authentic pleasure, in & out of the bedroom?
  • release challenging past experiences related to relationship & intimacy?
  • learn how to effectively communicate to have the most fulfilling love life 
  • ENJOY intimacy and actually feel it in your body, rather than be numb, disconnected or stuck in your head?
  • feel magnetic & radiant & in your feminine power
  • fall in love with being a woman

You’re in the right place 😉


Contact me through my website.

Please include: your name, your reason for wanting to work together and a bit about you as well as which experience you’re interested in.

Bodywork sessions last from 2-4 hours. This includes a meditation, breathwork, tantric practice, bodywork, integration/ grounding and shower,

A 3/4 hour session is recommended for the first time meeting. I will always start the session by talking with you and this usually takes longer the first time we meet.


  • Tantra Massage (2/3/4hrs)
  • 4 hand Tantric bodywork (2hrs / 3hrs) with another expert dakini
    Tantric De-armouring Session (2hrs / 3hrs)
  • Intimacy coaching (1hr / 2hrs)
  • Tantric mentorship (3 month coaching container)
  • Gentleman’s Journey for men seeking to unravel the mysteries of the feminine. Tamar & Kalani present a private mentorship program designed to empower men in understanding female pleasure and intimacy. This journey consists of 3 sessions, totalling 12 hours with personalised guidance and feedback.


  • Central London

Tamar service offers mobile outcalls to hotels and private homes throughout London. Call for more information.


Visit her website to book your session with Tamar.