Erotic 4 Hands Massage In London

You will love four hands sensual massage, it is the ultimate in erotic pampering

Tantric Tingles lists only the very best and most experience of erotic therapists who are ready to give you a sensational blissful time.

Imagine feeling four naughty hands working all over your torso. All you will have to do is lay back and watch as two topless nude women get to work on all the knots and stressed parts of your body.

They will work together in a combined way using sexy strokes and cc swipes to make you feel deeply relaxed. 

Having just two hands sensually roaming across your body can be special enough but when you add two more it can feel electric.

Find yourself two masseuses for a four hands massage in London by viewing the providers listed below.

Let us tell you how the sexy dynamic duo will work your body

The sexy duo of magic masseuses will start with soft strokes that will flutter like a butterfly all over your body. Your senses will heighten as you try to keep up. One girl will work on the upper half of your torso, while the other operates on the lower half. 

They will then gravitate to the centre and start to play with your intimate parts. You will feel the tantra waves start to vibrate and ripple as the two pairs of hands wonder every where. Tugging on your chest hairs, flicking your nipples and sliding up your thighs.

You will the erotic temperature start to rise, as you get more and more aroused by the very sexy session. Endorphins will start to be released in the brain as you set your gaze upon two beautiful women caressing your naked body.

The masseuses will coax and tease you, until you are struggling to control yourself. As all three bodies thrust and grind together. 

You will let out moans of pure pleasure as the girls start to work their erotic massage touch on you. By now your erect member will be extremely hard and will getting closer and closer to orgasm.

Eventually the pleasure will be too much to take and you will give way to their expert manipulations with a explosive jolt of sexual energy…

…as your body thrusts upwards and your balls tighten before you have the most intense orgasm of your life.

As you lay back your tantric goddesses will stroke you to calm the body down, relaxing your muscles before the session ends.

If this sounds like something you might enjoy then call one of the provides listed on this site to arrange a four hands massage in London.