The ultimate tantra lingam massage session

Tantra is a 2,000 year old philosophy

Seeking a lingam massage in London? Then look no further. We have compiled a list of the best tantric massage providers in the capital.

Tantra is a special way of connecting your energy with the energy of the universe. This can be achieved through acts such as sexual intercourse, yoga, meditation and of course massage.

If you want to lay back and let the therapeutic sensual hands of a beautiful woman gently heal and skillfully touch your body in unimaginable ways then I suggest you go for a special lingam massage London style.

What makes tantra lingam massage so special

A trained tantric masseuse uses particular movements such as stroking the fingertips all over the body to wake up the sexual energy that lay inside all of us. 

In tantra circles this energy is known as kundalini and can help release buried emotions and induce a state of sexual ecstasy. The root meaning of the word tantra is the word tan, which means to expand.

So this highly specialised form of massage seeks to expand your inner sexual energy and awaken the kundalini, which starts at the bottom of the spine.

What to expect from this session

Candles and scented oils will be used to set the mood. Your tantra goddess will be gentle and loving with you, so that you feel as comfortable as possible.

She will start the session by using relaxing touches on your body to remove any hidden stress the may lay underneath the service. She will massage you with her hands and her body. The masseuse will be naked, so there will be full skin on skin contact between you

As the energy starts to grow you will feel the energy ripple across your entire torso.

This sexual energy will start building in your intimate regions, spreading across your body. You will start to feel light, as though you are floating, and your sexual responses will be heightened.

It can be an overpowering experience, as you will feel it in your body and mind, which can exacerbate your emotional response.

Cum as you are

The masseuse will not let you orgasm straight away, as this massage is designed to help your prolong your orgasm. 

You will be brought close to the point of ecstasy then slowed down just before you cum, this process will be repeated, each time making it more intense.

This technique makes the orgasm more explosive and enables you to control your own orgasmic exit point which leads to complete sexual fulfilment. 

A full body tantric lingam massage in London is famed for its relaxing effect and intense sensuality.

4 Reasons to try a special lingam massage In London

  • You will feel totally relaxed, any stresses you had will float freely away from the body.
  • This massage is beneficial for your health, as it lowers the heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Stress also has negative implications for your mood, so this treatment will also improve how you feel mentally.
  • Getting in touch with your spiritual body with the help of a beautiful masseuse.