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Bubbly soapy massage time

A special soapy massage in London follows the same procedure as elsewhere in the world, and combines the best elements of body to body with shower gel or soapy. 

This style of sensual massage usually takes place on a waterproof inflatable mattress, as it can get very wet and wild. Both you and your chosen erotic masseuse will be complete naked. 

Are you ready for possibly one of the most erotic massage sessions in the whole city?

What to expect from your soapy aqua b2b session

There is full on intimate b2b contact as well as more traditional hand massaging techniques which can be found in many Asian styles. As well as skin on skin friction, the masseuse will use fragrant soap to fill the air with erotic joy.

Until recently this form of therapy was only available in the far east but we think some of the best providers of this bubbly session are now to be found in London.

Bubbles Galore

The sexy masseuse will use lush perfumed soaps and romantic mood lighting to make you feel fully relaxed. Then both you and the masseuse will remove your clothing and you will lay down the bouncy inflatable bed.

The masseuse will lather you in hot, soapy bubbles, first with her hands, then with her entire sexy body. She will use a series of different movements such as long body slides and circular hip movements against your most intimate regions.

This form of massage is very hygienic, as you are covered with soap your body will feel very cleansed.

Let us tell you why this session is very stress reducing.

As you feel utterly relaxed, your stress levels will reduce to Irish Jamaican levels and you will feel a sense of happiness and contentment.

Soapy massage is of benefit to both mind, body and soul. You will find that you will both laugh and giggle together as you enjoy soaping each others naked body.

A soapy massage London style is a genuinely fun experience and should not be taken too seriously.

The warm water and sensual had movements also increase the amount of sweat that your body produces which leads you to getting ride of waste products through your skin.

Soapy Sessions London Style

Visually soapy sessions are a treat for the eyes too, as you watch the shower gel drip off the naked breasts of your chosen masseuse. 

Watching her linger over your more intimate areas will make you extremely hard. At this point you will receive a glorious happy ending. You can then take a shower, possibly together with the masseuse, and you can both wash off all those bubbles.

You will then leave the masseuses luxury apartment feeling utterly chilled out and sexually satisfied. So get on the phone now and call one of the provides on this site to arrange a superb time.