Tie and Tease Massage London

Try an erotic massage in London that teases all of your five senses.

The tie and tease massage is a sensual therapy designed for those who like to add an extra bit of naughtiness into the mix

It is a fusion of traditional tie and tease mixed with erotic massage. The purpose of this therapy is to strip of one of your most important senses which is sight.

When a person has there visual sight taken away the other senses in your body such as smell, taste, hearing and touch are all heightened.

This is the perfect recipe for a real delightful sexy massage in London.

Let these London massage girls tease your senses

The talented tie n tease masseuses. Book one this week.

What to expect from this session

Using various tools and techniques such as whispering gently into your ear or flicking your nipples. The sensual masseuse will really get your blood flowing into all regions of the body.

You will be tied up and under the complete control of your chosen tantric tie an tease massage girl. The therapist may even use feathers, chocolate, and ice as tools to stimulate your senses.

The design of the massage is very focused on bringing out the raw sexual elements of touch, taste and smell.

The session will move forward into a complete hot, tense and fully erotic body to body massage the likes of which you have mostly likely never had done to you before.

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Reviews from our clientele

Thank you Mimi for a wonderful time. I felt truly relaxed for their first time in ages after my session with you. I will be making another appointment soon.
August 2018
Tantric Tingles is best massage agency in London. I have seen three different therapists from this agency and all have been of a high standard. I would recommend their service to anyone who is seeking to relax for an hour or two.
July 2018