Couples Erotic Massage in London

Doing a couples erotic massage in London is the ‘in’ thing for kinky couples in the city to do together

This is an erotic massage session for the more adventurous of couples. Having a tantric massage together is a thoroughly tantalising experience as you watch your partner moan under the expert hands of a sensual masseuse.

Many couples also visit London to try this therapy, as they are keen to explore all that this great city has to offer.

So what exactly happens during a couples sensual massage?

The massage room will be romantically lit, with mood lighting, a warm temperate and sensual scented candles combined with chill-out music to get all three participants in the mood.

You will watch as the stunning nude masseuse starts to rub warm, scented oil all over her own body and your partners body as well.

The masseuse will first touch your partner with gentle hands, stroking all over her body, across her shoulders, gently massaging her breasts and flicking her perk nipples then down below stroking her inner thighs as your partner lets out gasps of pleasure.

The masseuse will climb on top and start to slide her naked, gorgeous body all over your partner, up and down, slowly and quickly, responding to her needs.

Your desires will grow as you see another woman in on the bed with your partner, giving each other sensual strokes and caressing touches.

Watch as your girlfriend, wife or female friend, gets her breasts massages until her nipples are stiff and then see her shudder with delight as your fingers trail up her thighs, flicking gently over her moist intimate parts.

The masseuse will then invite you to join in.

Kinky Couples in London

Both the masseuse and your partner will then focus their attention on you.

Feel hands, gentle at first, then firmer stroke all over your body until they reach your erotic centre. The masseuse will skillfully massage and coax you into an explosive climax as you watch your partner do the same.

Your partner too will get excited as she watches someone else stroke the body that she loves and enjoys watching your response.

Widen Your Horizon

The couple’s massage is a fantastic sensual way to deepen your erotic world and add to the shared sexy experiences you have together. If you have had an erotic massage before and want your partner to experience the sensations with you, then this the session for you.

If tantric massages are new to you both, then a couples erotic massage in London is the perfect way to start exploring the kinkier side of your desires.

It is normal to get sexually excited during this sensual massage, and sometimes one or both of you will climax but this is all part of the thrill of the couple’s erotic massage in London.