The Magic Seven Zones

There could be many erogenous areas of a female body that when stimulated provide great satisfaction to a women

However, we are going to focus on just seven. If you massage and caress these parts of the female body then trust us when we say your female counterpart will be very happy indeed.


The ears are actually a very sensitive part of the body for both men and women. When you nibble, kiss or blow air into the ear and general ear area, you are sure to give anyone goosebumps. 

Whisper something sexy into your lovers ear and it will certainly give her goosebumps and tingles.


This is probably quite obvious, however sometimes people can be a little shy with kissing on the lips. Kissing on the lips is normally the first place partners go to start off the foreplay. 

If the style of kissing is done correctly and done it the right moment it can be explosive, and can set the atmosphere alight with pleasure.


Kissing the neck of a female can really get her excited. Especially if it is combined first with some kissing on the lips and then back to focusing on the neck. 

Every women responds differently to kissing of the neck, some like it really rough with some biting involved too. While others like kissing of the neck done softly and gently. Either way do not miss out on this erogenous zone.

Breasts and Nipples

The breasts and nipples are an obvious choice of stimulation, it does not take too much fondling, kissing and sucking of the breasts and nipples to get a women feeling very horny. 

Of course do not over do it as for some women it could become painful if the nipples are licked for too long. Combining this while simultaneous caressing other areas of her body will send her wild in excitement.

Buttocks and Anus

Not every woman will like you touching, kissing or even gently slapping this area. However if done right, pleasuring her bottom and licking her anus can provide some real ecstatic vibes to any love making session. 

It is best to focus on this area once she is already relaxed from the stimulation of other areas.

Feet and Legs

An area of the body that is surprisingly much more sensitive than many guys think. Licking, touching and massaging a woman’s feet and legs can leave her feeling very calm and relaxed. 

As you work your way up her legs to her inner thigh areas she can get very excited indeed. Which of course leads us on to the seventh and final area.


This is of course the most obvious, and the part of a women that most men love to pleasure and excite. The vagina actually has about five erogenous zones itself which includes the clitoris, the lips of the vagina, the g-spot and the uterus. 

Use your tongue, hand, lips and other parts of your own anatomy to pleasure all these areas. A sensual massage of this area is must as well if you really want to give a woman a powerful orgasm.

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