Arabic Massage Adventures

From science, maths to food and more, Arabic culture has added a great deal to the human race.

However, for some strange reason Arabic massage is not that well known across the rest of the world.

This style of massage therapy has been over shadowed by other forms from around the planet including Thai, Swedish and Japanese massage for example.

Massage, especially the erotic kind, has been practised in the middle east and Arabic regions for centuries, and is one of the main places where the therapy progressed.

This style mainly centred around Turkish and Arabic baths which are places where mostly men would go and bath and receive an energising massage.

Arabic massage is based around the principle of the four man elements which are earth, wind, water and fire.

This can be achieve via methods of hot water, rinsing, heat contact on the body and touch. This will help make the body relax and re-energised for work again.

The massage session has a procedure which usually starts with the body being in a very hot and humid room where the body is made to sweat.

Once this is over your body will be washed and will receive an all over body scrub. This will then be followed a deep tissue holistic style massage.

If you ever have the chance to experience an Arabic massage in London or elsewhere then we advise you to do it.

It will make you feel alive and will be great for your over all health regime.

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