Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils in massage.

These oils help to maintain healthy skin and increase your general well being.

Aromatic extracts from certain plant leaves, roots, flowers and fruits have been used for thousands of years as a way to restore the skin to a healthy base. 

These days the aromatic extracts are known as essential oils. Massage therapists have been using oils in their treatments since the invention of massage came into existence.

It makes sense of course, if you are rubbing someone's body then why not use essential oils. These oils have been proven to help repair damaged skin.

This damage can come about in a number of ways including too much exposure to the sun, wind, rain or from eating a bad diet.

Many women who have had babies will have stretch marks, rubbing oils into the marks for a certain number on months will help reduce the size of thee marks.

From Flowers To Your Body

Many of these oils come from such things as coconut oil, green tea, rosemary, lavender and from unique herbs. 

An extra benefit to receiving a massage with these oils is that when the oils are breathed in through the nose they go to brain and have a calming effect.

It is almost the exact opposite of drinking coffee which stimulates parts of the brain that keep you awake and active, while essential oils make you feel relaxed, calm and dreamy.

It is for these reasons that they make a perfect addition to any massage session.

We use many different essential oils for our massages including cedarwood, jojoba and many more.

If you have a particular oil you like to use for you sessions please let us know before your appointment and we will be happy to use it. 

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