Tantric Techniques For Ejaculation Control

There are many ways to control the moment of ejaculation, some methods can be done yourself, some wit the help of other people.

Deep breathing is in itself a type of meditation that can help control the tension and arousal that lead to a premature orgasm.

Avoid short, shallow breathing which speeds up the heartbeat, and spend 5 seconds breathing on one full, deep breath, hold this for 3 seconds and then exhale for 5 seconds.

If a man can do this for 5 minutes without losing concentration, it can be used in the bedroom. Focusing on each other’s breath and its rhythms can help build an erotic connection.

Another way is the stop and start method, where the man masturbates alone, coming near to orgasm then stopping.

Doing this several times by himself will teach him where his point of not return is, then the pair of you can partake in sexual activity that stops short of vaginal intercourse for a while.

Certain Exercises Work Too

Kegel exercises are not just for women and will help strengthen the PC muscle by stopping the flow of urine when urinating.

It is the PC muscle that does this and once you feel where that is, clench the muscle for ten seconds, in three set bursts.

If you can control this muscle during sex, you can slow the point of orgasm down. Your partner can also squeeze the base of your penis at the brink of ejaculation to stop the orgasm.

Tantric sex can help with this, as it establishes an intimate connection while controlling the orgasm through pulling back when near climax, then contract the PC muscle to stop the energy rising.

There are also medical aids and condoms that can prolong an orgasm but these natural methods we have mentioned above work extremely well.

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