Massage Foreplay

Massage Is Wonderful Foreplay

The best sexual encounters are always those that aim to build the session into a great head spinning climax.

The best way to do this is through foreplay and the best foreplay in our mind is erotic massage. 

A massage can help put people into a relaxing zone, and at first can just be based around massaging the non-intimate areas such as the legs and back. T

his can then move into more stimulating area as the hands move closer to more sensitive parts of the body.

massage foreplay in London

Massaging the nipples of both a man and a women can really arouse the recipient and get the blood flowing.

Add to this the erotic touching of the private parts such as the penis or the vagina and the body will be ready for some real sexual stimulation. 

So if you are wandering what is the best way for your are your partner to heighten your sex lives.

We suggest learning a little bit of massage together with some tantra techniques can really intensify your love making sessions.