Milking The Prostate

Prostate Milking Massage

This therapy is essentially a regular prostate massage with the aim of ejaculating as much as possible so all the dead sperm in the prostate gland is cleared. 

There are multiple reasons why having a prostate milking massage in London will be beneficial to you.

The first and foremost reasons are health, as clearing out this dead unwanted sperm is a great way to keep the prostate healthy and being able to generate new stronger sperm.

This is especially important for couples who are trying to conceive, the fresher the sperm the better chance it has of impregnating a female.

The second great reason is to do with the brain and doing an activity which naturally boosts the release of chemical endorphins in the brain. This helps keeps the body happy and fighting fit.

This is achieved as the masseuse massages your prostate, which is located in your anus, and your penis at the same time.

Most men have a great orgasm just from the stimulation of the genitals. 

Add to this the stimulation of the prostate and the resulting orgasm can be brilliant, even overwhelming.

It can leave the body shaking in an orgasmic state of pure bliss for many minutes.

Tantric Healthcare

We fully recommend all men to go for a milking prostate massage in London. We can not think of any better way to stay healthy and feel this good at the same time.

In fact, we genuinely believe this massage should be prescribed by the NHS, as the health benefits are enormous, too many to list in one blog posts.

Just go and try it and we guarantee you will be a convert to this style of erotic therapy for many years to come.

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