Mutual Massage

Mutual Massage Magic.

A mutual massage in London is the perfect way to intensify the experience as not only does it give you a great buzz it gives the receiving masseuse one too.

A mutual massage, as the name suggests, is basically where the erotic masseuse stops giving you the massage and you then start sensually caressing her. 

If you want to put your hands all over the body of a beautiful women then this is the session that you will enjoy the most.

If you are unsure about how to give a female of the species a tantric massage without causing any embarrassment or pain.

The masseuse will guide you and show you exactly where the best places are to touch and how to touch as well.

This is great for those guys who want to build their knowledge on how to give a woman a sensational orgasm.

Many of our ladies are happy to let you massage them all over including their intimate zones.

Learning how to master the art of a vagina massage is a great thing to know and will make you very happy with you sexual partners.