Strip Game Before Massage

Strip Game Massage

Fancy playing a sexy strip game before your massage starts?

There seems to be no end of creative ideas for new massage styles, the latest one is known as strip game massage.

So what happens during this session?

Basically you and the masseuse start off fully clothed and will play a game. This game could be a cards game such as poker, or it could be darts or draughts.

Just in a traditional strip games, every time you loose, you or the masseuse has to strip off a piece of clothing.

Both you and the masseuse will slowly get turned on as you both loose clothing to reveal your naked bodies.

Eventually you and the masseuse will have no clothes, at which point the session gets very heated as the masseuse gives you a truly special erotic body to body massage.

I like the sound of this, where can I try strip game massage in London?

Well luckily for you we have a masseuse at Tantric Tingles who offers just this sort of strip game.

Her name is Arabella, browse the gallery and scroll down to find her profile.

If you want to see how sexy Strip Game Massage is then call us to arrange a booking with the very seductive Arabella.