Super Sexy Sukebe Massage

For certain masseuses and their clientèle, the sukebe chair is a key part of an erotic massage session.

For some strange reason, you will not find many sensual masseuses who offer a sukebe massage in London.

Mostly used in nuru massage, the sukebe is a chair that the receiver will sit on and gives access for the masseuse to wash between their legs and to be able to reach over your intimate parts from behind.

The chair is actually more of a small stool was invented in Japan.

Originally it was meant to help doctors help a patient clean their haemorrhoids but because of the design was quickly adopted by the Japanese erotic massage community.

If you ever have the pleasure of going to Japan or somewhere like Bangkok for a soapy or nuru massage, the masseuse may ask if you want to try the sukebe chair.

This of course gives the masseuse the opportunity to clean your testicles and anus. She does this be standing behind the chair  and reaching underneath.

Having a hand or two, touch your intimate area from the position feels fantastic. The masseuse may even add an extra tingle to this by softly whispering in your ear as she kneels behind you.

Having the sukebe treatment is a great method for washing the intimate parts and getting the receiver in the mood for the main erotic body to body massage.

As previously mentioned we have noticed that not too many sensual masseuses offer this treatment in the city.

But if you would like to try the sukebe chair massage then please send us a message to let us know as if there is enough demand we may start offering it in our massage sessions.

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