Tantric Tuition In London

Learn the sensual art of tantric love making and massage to make you both a better lover and person

Over the past ten years there seems to be an increased interested in learning the techniques of tantric love making. 

The vast majority of people want to learn so they can impress their lover in the bedroom department.

Other people learn because their love life with a partner has diminished and they possibly need something to perk it up again.

Tantra tuition is an excellent method of reinvigorating sexual relationships between a husband and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend.

What happens during tantric tuition session?

When you join your teacher for a session she will probably start off proceedings by asking questions regarding your intentions and reasons for learning about tantric love making.

There is no need to be embarrassed at this point, just be honest as it will help the teacher tailor the session to your specific needs.

If your intentions are to become a better lover physically in the bedroom, and mentally in the relationship as a whole, the teacher will introduce you to what tantra is about and how it can benefit you.

It is key to know the background and purpose of tantra as it will provide you with a key understanding of the aim the session.

The teacher will show you various sexual positions that can be used to increase the pleasure for the woman. She will also show you positions and breathing techniques that will help you last for much longer during intercourse.

It will take many attempts and possibly even years to really master all this but it will certainly be worth it. 

Learning these tips and techniques will make your partner feel special and loved. The teacher will show you various massage techniques you can introduce too.

These revolve around massaging the key erogenous zones of your partner where there are many nerve endings. 

Your tutor will show you where to apply your touch and what pressure to use, she will teach you not to get too excited yourself, all concentration and effort must be focussed on your partner.

Where can I learn in London?

London has an array of tantric teachers who will show you the way of the tantra philosophy and how to incorporate it into your life and love making.

These teachers offer their tuition sessions to both individuals and couples. Many can be found by just typing ‘tantric tuition in London’ into a Google and a myriad of teachers will show up. You can also visit Tantric Circle – this site lists the best tantric massage courses in London.

We have many masseuses at Tantric Tingles who also teach on a part time basis, so if you really are interested in learning more about all this please feel free to ask us.

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