Beloved, You have arrived.

I am Kalani, a Tantra Teacher, a mystic, a worshipper of the divine, witch and devotee.

Have you’ve ever felt there was something missing in your sexual encounters, a gap that seems like it can’t be filled? Our sex education (and lack of) has led many westerners to a very limited repertoire and capacity when it comes to the ways in which we make love (and I’m not only speaking of penetrative sex).

I’m here to awaken you again to what is possible. Many of my clients tell me that my sessions have evoked feelings and sensations in them that they have never in their entire life felt before.

The deep Mystics of Tantra teach us how to merge spiritual and sexual ecstasy. It’s one of the highest spiritual arts, as it marries together soul and matter, bringing in the divinity and innocence of eroticism and spirituality into a bodily experience that can be life altering.

Are you ready to claim your right for transcendent pleasure?

Please feel invited to bring your own longings and requests, and note that this is a rough practical attempt to provide a structure, in reality we will be entering a mind and sense altering dimension where a state of flow will take over and I’ll be following my intuition and your intention to provide the experience that you deserve.

I believe in the purity and divinity of this work. If you allow yourself to fully let go and let yourself fall into my hands, there will be new worlds of ecstasy waiting for you beyond what you thought possible.

I will hold you in honour, respect and presence.


All about experiencing – no teachings included

Experience– traditional Tantra massage

Learning about Tantra plus bodywork

Level Up – learning about Tantra, including Tantra Massage

Intimacy – a coaching and embodiment session to support you being a better lover

Dominance – let the dynamics of Power Play help you surrender even deeper

Depth – 4 hour Tantric Deep Dive

Concentration – 4 hour Ejaculation Control Crash Course

Kashmiri Massage – a journey back home into the primordial dark. A deeply intimate (non-sexual) type of “dancing-meditation-massage” that works with the non-dual void space from where we’ve come and to where we’ll go back to.

Sex Magick – (no penetrative sex!) This is for anyone who has a big business deal coming up, is at a fork road in their life, wants to call in something grande or in general just needs some extra manifestation magick. Let us skyrocket your dreams by utilising the power of your sexual and life-force energy to create the life you desire and deserve.

Womb Clearing Sessions – an ancient ritual to release and recirculate anything that is stuck or stagnant in the womb (space). Could be emotions, old lovers, a negative experience you can’t seem to shake off or something you want to intentionally let go off in your life. This is nonlinear, that means we co-create this experience together trusting our intuition as guidance.

Gentleman’s Journey (Available only in March and April): A high-end proposal for men seeking to unravel the mysteries of the feminine. Kalani, along with another high-class Dakini named Tamar, present a mentorship program designed to empower men in understanding female pleasure and intimacy. This journey consists of 3 sessions, totalling 12 hours, covering the intricacies of the female anatomy, tantric massage, with personalised guidance and honest feedback. 

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