Strip Game Before Massage

Strip Game Massage

Fancy playing a sexy strip game before your massage starts?

There seems to be no end of creative ideas for new massage styles, the latest one is known as strip game massage.

So what happens during this session?

Basically you and the masseuse start off fully clothed and will play a game. This game could be a cards game such as poker, or it could be darts or draughts.

Just in a traditional strip games, every time you loose, you or the masseuse has to strip off a piece of clothing.

Both you and the masseuse will slowly get turned on as you both loose clothing to reveal your naked bodies.

Eventually you and the masseuse will have no clothes, at which point the session gets very heated as the masseuse gives you a truly special erotic body to body massage.

I like the sound of this, where can I try strip game massage in London?

Well luckily for you we have a masseuse at Tantric Tingles who offers just this sort of strip game.

Her name is Arabella, browse the gallery and scroll down to find her profile.

If you want to see how sexy Strip Game Massage is then call us to arrange a booking with the very seductive Arabella.

Girl On Girl Action

Girl On Girl Massage Action

One lady, who shall remain anonymous, sent us a little bit of fiction based on her visit to one of the Tantric Tingle masseuses.

Let the story begin...

Michelle was on her first visit to London. She was in the city for a business meeting but she had a few days off to explore and enjoy the sights and sounds of the city.

She was alone, free and she felt a little horny. She had wanted to try a sensual massage given to her by a woman for a long time now. Being in London was her chance to do it.

After browsing the web for erotic masseuses and agencies she came across Tantric Tingles, and was amazed by how beautiful the masseuses were.

She never considered herself as completely bisexual but she was intrigued to see what it would be like to be sensually massage by another woman. So she arranged for the appointment and got the tub to the masseuses studio apartment.

As she entered the apartment, her hair sopping wet from the rain outside, and the cotton dress sticking to her slim figure, she was greeted by a very sexy female.

As they walked towards the relaxing massage room, Michelle noted the soft curves of the masseuses body and her tight dress. Despite being heterosexual, Michelle felt strangely aroused, a feeling that confused her greatly.

After peeling the dress from her cold, wet skin, a naked Michelle was taken to the shower and invited to get under the warm shower. The warm water soothed her cold, damp skin and took the chill from her bones.

The masseuse, who introduced herself, undressed and climbed into the shower alongside her. Lathering the soap and gently rubbing the foam onto Michelle’s pale complexion, her hands felt soft and dream-like, causing Michelle’s to tingle with an unfamiliar desire.

Unaccustomed to such attentiveness, Michelle closed her eyes and relaxed as a soft towel enveloped her skin with a gentle caress.

She was taken to a comfortable bed and instructed to lie face down, before a warm oil was drizzled tantalisingly onto her damp skin. As the masseuse sat astride Michelle, her nakedness deliciously close, nimble fingers worked to relieve the tension in her tired muscles. Unable to help herself, Michele to sigh loudly in relaxed bliss.

Sensing Michelle’s pleasure, the masseuse leaned forward and draped her upper body against Michelle’s soft, pale skin. As she leaned forward, the massage goddess trailed her breasts over her spine. Michelle felt her clitoris begin to throb with lust and she shifted uncomfortably.

With skin on skin, the masseuse expertly writhed against Michelle. Using every part of her naked body and the combination of thick oil to depress and massage her tired muscles. As the stress began to drain away, Michelle felt alive with arousal and anticipation whilst the masseuse gripped her torso with strong inner thighs and firmly rubbed her buttocks. With every stroke, her hands gently brushed Michelle’s clitoris, causing her to gasp with desire.

At the masseuses instruction, Michele turned onto her front. As the cold air brushed against her hardening nipples, Michelle sighed with pleasure. Lisa sat astride her torso and gently rubbed her neck, ears and shoulders before making her way towards Michelle’s breasts. Biting her lip, Michelle desperately tried not to cry out as the masseuses hands glided across her smooth skin, pinching and rubbing her firm nipples.

Working her way south, the masseuse carefully avoided Michelle’s throbbing clitoris. Instead, she moved down towards Michelle’s feet, working the toes and moving up towards the inner thighs. With sensations intensified, Michelle felt a climax begin to build as the masseuse approached her throbbing sex. Unable to stop herself, Michelle climaxed loudly. The tension flowing from her body with every exhilarating shudder.

Sheepishly, she glanced at the masseuse. The masseuse continued her work, seemingly unperturbed by Michelle’s wanton display of lust. Carefully, the masseuse continued with the gentle touch and soft caresses. As Michelle succumbed to the gentle touch, she felt the throb of desire beginning to build again. With another 45 minutes to go, this was shaping up to be a great afternoon!  

7 Erogenous Zones Of The Female Body

The Magic Seven Zones

There could be many erogenous areas of a female body that when stimulated provide great satisfaction to a women. However we are going to focus on just seven. 

If you massage and caress these parts of the female body then trust us when we say your female counterpart will be very happy indeed.


The ears are actually a very sensitive part of the body for both men and women. When you nibble, kiss or blow air into the ear and general ear area, you are sure to give anyone goosebumps. Whisper something sexy into your lovers ear and it will certainly give her goosebumps and tingles.


This is probably quite obvious, however sometimes people can be a little shy with kissing on the lips. Kissing on the lips is normally the first place partners go to start off the foreplay. If the style of kissing is done correctly and done it the right moment it can be explosive, and can set the atmosphere alight with pleasure.


Kissing the neck of a female can really get her excited. Especially if it is combined first with some kissing on the lips and then back to focusing on the neck. Every women responds differently to kissing of the neck, some like it really rough with some biting involved too. While others like kissing of the neck done softly and gently. Either way do not miss out on this erogenous zone.

Breasts and Nipples

The breasts and nipples are an obvious choice of stimulation, it does not take too much fondling, kissing and sucking of the breasts and nipples to get a women feeling very horny. Of course do not over do it as for some women it could become painful if the nipples are licked for too long. Combining this while simultaneous caressing other areas of her body will send her wild in excitement.

Buttocks and Anus

Not every woman will like you touching, kissing or even gently slapping this area. However if done right, pleasuring her bottom and licking her anus can provide some real ecstatic vibes to any love making session. It is best to focus on this area once she is already relaxed from the stimulation of other areas.

Feet and Legs

An area of the body that is surprisingly much more sensitive than many guys think. Licking, touching and massaging a woman's feet and legs can leave her feeling very calm and relaxed. As you work your way up her legs to her inner thigh areas she can get very excited indeed. Which of course leads us on to the seventh and final area.


This is of course the most obvious, and the part of a women that most men love to pleasure and excite. The vagina actually has about five erogenous zones itself which includes the clitoris, the lips of the vagina, the g-spot and the uterus. Use your tongue, hand, lips and other parts of your own anatomy to pleasure all these areas. A sensual massage of this area is must as well if you really want to give a woman a powerful orgasm.

3 Tips For Dealing With Stress

Dealing With London Stress

Here are some ways you can deal with the stress that London living can create.

We all know London is a fantastic city, the sights, the sounds, the history and the atmosphere make it one of the best capital cities in the world. However, anyone who has spent longer than a few days here knows how much of a toll this city can take on your body and mind.

The over priced over crowded underground travelling, the packed busses, the long ques to get served, the pollution and the enormous rents, can test anyone's patience and give your body and mind stress. That stress may not always be visible now, but over time the effect it has on your body can become noticeable.

So here are three ways you can help deal with that stress-

(By the way, none of these tips are anything new, well maybe apart from the last one, but we still think they were good reminders).  

1. Walking

Go for a walk, yes it is simple as that. Instead of catching the tube, bus or taxi around London why not walk. London might have a big population but geographically it is not that big. Even at a medium pace you can walk from Marylebone station to Waterloo in less than an hour. Walking is a great way to calm down the body and mind, it helps reduce stress, high blood pressure and will get the oxygen pumped to the heart.

2. Have Sex

Yes we said it, go and have some great sex. Whether is it with your partner or sex friend, or a co-worker, it does not matter. Sex is a great way to really relax and unwind. It is proven to be some of the best form of exercise available as it actually tests quite a few muscles and gets the blood pumping around the body.

People in the UK seem to take sex far too seriously, just hook up with some one you fancy and get it on, stop wasting time looking for excuses. It is the most natural thing humans do, if it wasn't for sex you wouldn't even be reading this as you wouldn't even exist.

3. Go For a Tantric Massage

Given the nature of this website and what we do at Tantric Tingles, it shouldn't be any surprise to see this tip mentioned here. Tantric massage, just like the other aforementioned tips, is a superb way to relax and recharge those worn down batteries.

Getting naked with a hot masseuse and having her sensually rub and seductively move all over your body for an outstanding body to body massage in London is probably the best method in the world to really relax and take your mind off any stresses you have. Come try one and you will see what we mean.

Can Tantric Massage Revitalise A Relationship

Can Tantric Massage Revitalise A Relationship?

The hidden secret of lasting relationships is tantric massage.

Modern life can be stressful on relationships between boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives.

Many couples who visit us for a couples erotic massage in London complain that their relationship has lost a bit of fizz especially in the sex department.

This is absolutely normal, you seriously don't expect relationships to be like those first few months for ever.

Eventually those wild steamy sexy sessions evolve into something even better, which is based on much more important things such as trust, sense of humour and sharing a common vision of the present and future.

However, sex is a big part of any relationship and it can be frustrating when things, for whatever reasons, are not clicking anymore.

We discover that most of this comes from the stress of modern life, including career commitments, fatigue and much more.

So the solution is to calm the mind and make some time for you and your partner.

Giving or receiving an erotic massage is a great method of getting back into the swing of things. It gets both people in the mood and helps to slowly release those horny feelings.

Leaning how and where to touch your partner is key. If you come for a couples sensual massage with one of the Tantric Tingle masseuses they will show you exactly what to do.

So give a boost to your relationship and let the wonderful world of tantric massage enter your love life.

tantric massage for couples in London

Tantric Tuition In London

Tantric Tuition In London

Learn the sensual art of tantric love making and massage to make you both a better lover and person.

Over the past ten years there seems to be an increased interested in learning the techniques of tantric love making. The vast majority of people want to learn so they can impress their lover in the bedroom department. Other people learn because their love life with a partner has diminished and they possibly need something to perk it up again. Tantra tuition is an excellent method of reinvigorating sexual relationships between a husband and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend.

What happens during tantric tuition session?

When you join your teacher for a session she will probably start off proceedings by asking questions regarding your intentions and reasons for learning about tantric love making. There is no need to be embarrassed at this point, just be honest as it will help the teacher tailor the session to your specific needs.

If your intentions are to become a better lover physically in the bedroom, and mentally in the relationship as a whole, the teacher will introduce you to what tantra is about and how it can benefit you. It is key to know the background and purpose of tantra as it will provide you with a key understanding of the aim the session. The teacher will show you various sexual positions that can be used to increase the pleasure for the woman. She will also show you positions and breathing techniques that will help you last for much longer during intercourse.

It will take many attempts and possibly even years to really master all this but it will certainly be worth it. Learning these tips and techniques will make your partner feel special and loved. The teacher will show you various massage techniques you can introduce too. These revolve around massaging the key erogenous zones of your partner where there are many nerve endings. Your tutor will show you where to apply your touch and what pressure to use, she will teach you not to get too excited yourself, all concentration and effort must be focussed on your partner.

Where can I learn?

London has an array of tantric teachers who will show you the way of the tantra philosophy and how to incorporate it into your life and love making. These teachers offer their tuition sessions to both individuals and couples. Many can be found by just typing 'tantric tuition in London' into a Google and a myriad of teachers will show up. We have many masseuses at Tantric Tingles who also teach on a part time basis, so if you really are interested in learning more about all this please feel free to ask us.

Awaken Your Kundalini

Time To Awaken Your Kundalini

Tantric massage is renowned the world over for taking practitioners to a higher plane of sexual energy.

It comes from an ancient Indian practise, which states that the energy of a person is controlled by nine chakras that pass along a straight line in the body.

A skilled tantric masseuse can activate these chakras and in particular awaken the kundalini energy that lies at the base of the spine.

A deep style tantric massage basically opens all the pathways and energy centres in the body.

This allows for the kundalini (sexual energy) to open up and travel up through the spine to the top of your head, thus allowing you to have whole body orgasms.

Longer Lasting Orgasms.

As well as tingling, long lasting orgasms, tantric massage can allow people to enjoy a release of pent up emotions, which free blockages within the chakras and allow for a higher level of bliss.

During in a tantra kundalini session the whole body is massaged, including the genital area and the anus. 

When the anus is massaged it stimulates the nerves and increases blood flow to that area which increases sensations in the pelvic region. 

This will help build your kundalini energy until it climaxes and uncoils from your spine, and all over the rest of your the body, allowing for deeply powerful orgasms.

Other techniques are used such as breath control, to help lift the sexual energy.

A skilled tantric masseuse will start by using stroking movements all over the body to awaken the sexual energy within.

The masseuse and you will both be naked to allow for skin to skin contact which heightens the pleasure for both the recipient and the receiver.

The masseuse will not only use just her FINGERS but RATHER her whole naked body to massage you.

The visual stimulus of watching an attractive nude tantric goddess rubbing your body with her own oiled body to send the senses into overload.

You will feel the kundalini energy start to rise before it ripple across your body in bright pulses of sexual energy, starting from your groin.

The masseuse will bring you to the brink of orgasm, more than once, letting the pleasurable feeling grow until it is impossible to hold back. 

Your sexual responses will be elevated, you may even feel light headed, and will have a pulsating orgasm across your entire body which will last for much longer than usual.

A proper kundalini intensified orgasm may bring on deep emotional responses such as laughter or crying. 

An authentic tantra massage that awakens your kundalini will help you get in touch with your sexuality.

It will help you release trapped emotions that may have been holding back your ability to connect with people on an emotional and sexual level. 

tantric massage in London

Achieving Multiple Orgasms

Tantric massage is fantastic way to help you achieve multiple orgasms.

You may be thinking that being able to achieve multiple orgasms is not such a big deal, however we challenge you the say the same thing once you have achieved them. 

The true definition of multiple orgasm is by having an orgasm that continues for number of minutes, rather than just a quick pop it is prolonged and shakes the whole body. 

It is a subject that seems to always get discussed in female magazines and websites, and they of course focus on women achieving multiple orgasms.

However, men can also achieve multiple orgasms if certain methods are employed. 

Most men find it hard to achieve multiple orgasms from sex, the reason for this is because the member is not being completely stimulated in the right way.

If you have not have prepared the body in the right way, this too will limit the potential for multiple orgasms. 

How tantric massage can help.

High quality erotic massage of any kind that includes tantric techniques can take your orgasms to a whole new level of enjoyment.

We have previously discussed how ejaculation control techniques can enhance your orgasm. The main technique comes from just calming the body by doing deep breaths.

The mind can get very excited when you are on the bed with a sexy woman knowing what is about to take place. However, if you do deep breaths this will relax the whole body.

A second technique is to use certain exercises that build up strength in the pelvic muscles.

One way to do this is when you next urinate try stopping the flow of urine for a second or two and then keeping repeating it, each time trying to hold for longer. This is fantastic way to build those muscles.

The third technique which may actually be the hardest for some is to send your self into a deep kind of meditative state, almost like a zen master.

Your mind will be so focused on the breath that you will forget the sensations that are taking place.

Having a tantric massage in London is a great opportunity to practise all these aforementioned methods. A trained tantra masseuse will also provide you with other tips that may help extend and achieve a powerful orgasm.

Like anything in life, all these things take practise.

Your masseuse will also help you prolong those intense feelings by backing off and massaging other parts of your body when she feels you are close to orgasm.

Once you have mastered these things in an erotic massage you will be able to do it when making love with your sexual partner. Not only will it feel great to you but she will love the fact you can go for much longer too.

This is all part and parcel of the whole concept of the sexual side of tantra, which we discussed more in our last post about neo tantra.

Let the love come rushing in.

If you can be a fantastic lover a whole world new world opens up. We recommend you enjoy and see it as a nice challenge.

We certainly do not recommend you get obsessed with trying to achieve an orgasm as if you do not get what you want you could end up feeling frustrated and miserable.

This of course is the complete opposite outcome to the one you first started out trying to achieve. 

As with all things in life just sit back, or lay back in the case. 

And enjoy all the wonderful things you can do in life that certainly do not cost the earth and will provide much joy to both you and your partner.

tantric multiple orgasms