Erotic Lesbian Massage In London

An erotic Lesbian massage in London is essentially an erotic massage between two women.

Neither has to be a lesbian or even bi-sexual but it is in essence an erotic massage given to one woman by another female.

This therapy dates back to the 5th Century AD and in tantric circles is also referred to as yoni massage.

It stimulates complete release of he body and mind between the masseuse and her client.

It is a physical, spiritual and mental connection between two women.

If your own inner sexual desire is curious about being intimately touched by another woman then a lesbian massage is a great place to start.

The Tantric Tingles agency has a portfolio of stunning women who will make you feel at ease, as soon as you see them, as they are both beautiful and friendly.

The two of you will take off your clothes ans the erotic masseuse will oil up bother her own body and yours before starting to sensually massage you with her hands the then body.

It will feel great having the smooth slippery skin of a woman sliding against your body, her breasts, thighs and bum touching your skin.

The yoni part of the session is when things really start to heat up. The masseuse will use her vagina to massage your intimate parts.

It is very common at this point to feel very aroused. It will eventually lead to an orgasm that you will feel throughout your entire body.

Sometimes both you and the lesbian masseuse will climax at the same time, which intensifies the whole experience.

This sensual lesbian session is becoming very popular erotic massage in London for ladies who have the courage to explore their sexuality with a masseuse trained in the art of tantric body to body massage.

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