How to deal with stress

Here are some ways you can deal with the stress that London living can create

We all know London is a fantastic city. The sights, the sounds, the history, and the atmosphere, make it one of the best capital cities in the world. 

However, anyone who has spent longer than a few days here knows how much of a toll this city can take on your body and mind.

The over priced over crowded underground travelling, the packed busses, the long ques to get served, the pollution and the enormous rents – all this can test anyone’s patience and give your body and mind stress. 

That stress may not always be visible now, but over time the effect it has on your body can become noticeable.

So here are three ways you can help deal with that stress-

(By the way, none of these tips are anything new, well maybe apart from the last one, but we still think they were good reminders).  

1. Walking

Go for a walk, yes it is simple as that. Instead of catching the tube, bus or taxi around London why not walk. London might have a big population but geographically it is not that big. 

Even at a medium pace you can walk from Marylebone station to Waterloo in less than an hour. Walking is a great way to calm down the body and mind, it helps reduce stress, high blood pressure and will get the oxygen pumped to the heart.

2. Have Sex

Yes we said it, go and have some great sex. Whether is it with your partner or sex friend, or a co-worker, it does not matter. Sex is a great way to really relax and unwind. It is proven to be some of the best form of exercise available as it actually tests quite a few muscles and gets the blood pumping around the body.

People in the UK seem to take sex far too seriously, just hook up with some one you fancy and get it on, stop wasting time looking for excuses. It is the most natural thing humans do, if it wasn’t for sex you wouldn’t even be reading this as you wouldn’t even exist.

3. Go For a Tantric Massage

Given the nature of this website and what we do at Tantric Tingles, it shouldn’t be any surprise to see this tip mentioned here. Tantric massage, just like the other aforementioned tips, is a superb way to relax and recharge those worn down batteries.

Getting naked with a hot masseuse and having her sensually rub and seductively move all over your body for an outstanding body to body massage in London is probably the best method in the world to really relax and take your mind off any stresses you have. Come try one and you will see what we mean.

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