Tantric massage is fantastic way to help you achieve multiple orgasms

Read our techniques on how you can achieve multiple orgasms with sensual massage

You may be thinking that being able to achieve multiple orgasms is not such a big deal.  However we challenge you the say the same thing once you have achieved them.

The true definition of multiple orgasm is by having an orgasm that continues for number of minutes, rather than just a quick pop it is prolonged and shakes the whole body.

It is a subject that seems to always get discussed in female magazines and websites, and they of course focus on women achieving multiple orgasms.

However, men can also achieve multiple orgasms if certain methods are employed.

Most men find it hard to achieve multiple orgasms from sex. The reason for this is because the member is not being completely stimulated in the right way.

If you have not have prepared the body in the right way, this too will limit the potential for multiple orgasms.

Use the power of tantric massage

High quality erotic massage of any kind that includes tantric techniques can take your orgasms to a whole new level of enjoyment.

We have previously discussed how ejaculation control techniques can enhance your orgasm. The main technique comes from just calming the body by doing deep breaths.

The mind can get very excited when you are on the bed with a sexy woman knowing what is about to take place. However, if you do deep breaths this will relax the whole body.

A second technique is to use certain exercises that build up strength in the pelvic muscles.

One way to do this is when you next urinate try stopping the flow of urine for a second or two and then keeping repeating it, each time trying to hold for longer. This is fantastic way to build those muscles.

The third technique which may actually be the hardest for some is to send your self into a deep kind of meditative state, almost like a zen master.

Your mind will be so focused on the breath that you will forget the sensations that are taking place.

Having a tantric massage in London is a great opportunity to practise all these aforementioned methods. A trained tantra masseuse will also provide you with other tips that may help extend and achieve a powerful orgasm.

It does take practise

Like anything in life, all these things take practise.

Your masseuse will also help you prolong those intense feelings by backing off and massaging other parts of your body when she feels you are close to orgasm.

Once you have mastered these things in an erotic massage you will be able to do it when making love with your sexual partner. Not only will it feel great to you but she will love the fact you can go for much longer too.

This is all part and parcel of the whole concept of the sexual side of tantra, which we discussed more in our last post about neo tantra.

Become an expert lover

If you can be a fantastic lover a whole world new world opens up. We recommend you enjoy and see it as a nice challenge.

We certainly do not recommend you get obsessed with trying to achieve an orgasm as if you do not get what you want you could end up feeling frustrated and miserable.

This of course is the complete opposite outcome to the one you first started out trying to achieve.

As with all things in life just sit back, or lay back in the case.

And enjoy all the wonderful things you can do in life that certainly do not cost the earth and will provide much joy to both you and your partner.

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