Time To Awaken Your Kundalini

Tantric massage is renowned the world over for taking practitioners to a higher plane of sexual energy.

It comes from an ancient Indian practise, which states that the energy of a person is controlled by nine chakras that pass along a straight line in the body.

A skilled tantric masseuse can activate these chakras and in particular awaken the kundalini energy that lies at the base of the spine.

A deep style tantric massage basically opens all the pathways and energy centres in the body.

This allows for the kundalini (sexual energy) to open up and travel up through the spine to the top of your head, thus allowing you to have whole body orgasms.

Longer Lasting Orgasms

As well as tingling, long lasting orgasms, tantric massage can allow people to enjoy a release of pent up emotions, which free blockages within the chakras and allow for a higher level of bliss.

During in a tantra kundalini session the whole body is massaged, including the genital area and the anus.

When the anus is massaged it stimulates the nerves and increases blood flow to that area which increases sensations in the pelvic region.

This will help build your kundalini energy until it climaxes and uncoils from your spine, and all over the rest of your the body, allowing for deeply powerful orgasms.

Other techniques are used such as breath control, to help lift the sexual energy.

A skilled tantric masseuse will start by using stroking movements all over the body to awaken the sexual energy within.

The masseuse and you will both be naked to allow for skin to skin contact which heightens the pleasure for both the recipient and the receiver.

The masseuse will not only use just her fingers but rather her whole naked body to massage you.

The visual stimulus of watching an attractive nude tantric goddess rubbing your body with her own oiled body to send the senses into overload.

You will feel the kundalini energy start to rise before it ripple across your body in bright pulses of sexual energy, starting from your groin. The masseuse will bring you to the brink of orgasm, more than once, letting the pleasurable feeling grow until it is impossible to hold back.

Your sexual responses will be elevated, you may even feel light headed, and will have a pulsating orgasm across your entire body which will last for much longer than usual.

A proper kundalini intensified orgasm may bring on deep emotional responses such as laughter or crying.

An authentic tantra massage that awakens your kundalini will help you get in touch with your sexuality.

It will help you release trapped emotions that may have been holding back your ability to connect with people on an emotional and sexual level.

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