Girl On Girl Massage Action

One lady, who shall remain anonymous, sent us a little bit of fiction based on her visit to one of the Tantric Tingle masseuses

Let the story begin…

Michelle was on her first visit to London. She was in the city for a business meeting but she had a few days off to explore and enjoy the sights and sounds of the city.

She was alone, free and she felt a little horny. She had wanted to try a sensual massage given to her by a woman for a long time now. Being in London was her chance to do it.

After browsing the web for erotic masseuses and agencies she came across Tantric Tingles, and was amazed by how beautiful the masseuses were.

She never considered herself as completely bisexual but she was intrigued to see what it would be like to be sensually massage by another woman. So she arranged for the appointment and got the tub to the masseuses studio apartment.

As she entered the apartment, her hair sopping wet from the rain outside, and the cotton dress sticking to her slim figure, she was greeted by a very sexy female.

As they walked towards the relaxing massage room, Michelle noted the soft curves of the masseuses body and her tight dress. Despite being heterosexual, Michelle felt strangely aroused, a feeling that confused her greatly.

After peeling the dress from her cold, wet skin, a naked Michelle was taken to the shower and invited to get under the warm shower. The warm water soothed her cold, damp skin and took the chill from her bones.

The masseuse, who introduced herself, undressed and climbed into the shower alongside her. Lathering the soap and gently rubbing the foam onto Michelle’s pale complexion, her hands felt soft and dream-like, causing Michelle’s to tingle with an unfamiliar desire.

Unaccustomed to such attentiveness, Michelle closed her eyes and relaxed as a soft towel enveloped her skin with a gentle caress.

She was taken to a comfortable bed and instructed to lie face down, before a warm oil was drizzled tantalisingly onto her damp skin. As the masseuse sat astride Michelle, her nakedness deliciously close, nimble fingers worked to relieve the tension in her tired muscles. Unable to help herself, Michele to sigh loudly in relaxed bliss.

Sensing Michelle’s pleasure, the masseuse leaned forward and draped her upper body against Michelle’s soft, pale skin. As she leaned forward, the massage goddess trailed her breasts over her spine. Michelle felt her clitoris begin to throb with lust and she shifted uncomfortably.

With skin on skin, the masseuse expertly writhed against Michelle. Using every part of her naked body and the combination of thick oil to depress and massage her tired muscles. As the stress began to drain away, Michelle felt alive with arousal and anticipation whilst the masseuse gripped her torso with strong inner thighs and firmly rubbed her buttocks. With every stroke, her hands gently brushed Michelle’s clitoris, causing her to gasp with desire.

At the masseuses instruction, Michele turned onto her front. As the cold air brushed against her hardening nipples, Michelle sighed with pleasure. Lisa sat astride her torso and gently rubbed her neck, ears and shoulders before making her way towards Michelle’s breasts. Biting her lip, Michelle desperately tried not to cry out as the masseuses hands glided across her smooth skin, pinching and rubbing her firm nipples.

Working her way south, the masseuse carefully avoided Michelle’s throbbing clitoris. Instead, she moved down towards Michelle’s feet, working the toes and moving up towards the inner thighs. With sensations intensified, Michelle felt a climax begin to build as the masseuse approached her throbbing sex. Unable to stop herself, Michelle climaxed loudly. The tension flowing from her body with every exhilarating shudder.

Sheepishly, she glanced at the masseuse. The masseuse continued her work, seemingly unperturbed by Michelle’s wanton display of lust. Carefully, the masseuse continued with the gentle touch and soft caresses. As Michelle succumbed to the gentle touch, she felt the throb of desire beginning to build again. With another 45 minutes to go, this was shaping up to be a great afternoon!

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