How to get in the mood for a romantic massage

From the music to the candle light, all these things play an important role in having the perfect sensual massage experience.

Massage is not only about touching and manipulating the body of the receiver. Atmosphere plays just as important role, such as what music is playing in the background.

To really heighten a sensual massage session many things need to be just right, such as making the backdrop as relaxing as possible to maximise the relaxation and comfort of the recipient.

Being welcomed at the door by a smiling and charming masseuse is always the best way to start.

As you are invited into the tantric massage studio you will find a perfect oasis to relax. Incense imported from Indian will be gently filling the air and your nostrils.

This incense will be the quality stuff, not the product that makes your eyes itch. The smoke will glide along with the air and the gentle aroma will provide some mystic feeling to the session.

Another key area to focus on is the lighting, which should be candle light that is dim and not too harsh on the eyes, that slowly flickers in the background, this will of course make the setting very romantic.

Finding The Perfect Music For Massage Can Really Enhance The Session

The music is also key, this should be relaxing and atmospheric such as tantric music from India or some soulful Chinese flute music or whatever the receiver may like themselves.

What you wouldn’t have blasting at full volume from the speakers is heavy metal or some militant drum n bass music.

This of course is obvious to most people with a brain, however you would be surprised by the amount of people who get this wrong.

The right music can really get people into the spiritual side of tantra.

All the areas highlighted in the paragraph above might seem not so important but this could not be further from the truth.

All these things help create a relaxing mood and enhance the overall experience for the receiver and the masseuse as well.

If you get the little things right it makes the bigger aim of the session even more rewarding.

So whether you just wanted to know what you can expect from one of our erotic massage sessions.

Or you needed some ideas about how to give your partner a sensual experience.

Then hopefully this article will have shed some light into the purpose and aim of a deep intimate one on one sexy massage session. 

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